In August 2008, My friend in Sweden, Lars Hannson suggested a trip to Norway to visit some coastal artillery sites, both old and new. We flew from London Stansted with Norwegian Airlines to Trondheim, after picking up our hire car, we headed for the Fętten Fjord where where Tirpitz was anchored  in 1942 and 1943. We met up with he Swedish Party and started exploring. The sites of note we visited are below.

Faetten Fjord 2007 © Dan McKenzie

Faetten fjord - Tirpitz Kravag Fort - Coastal Artillery Battery Kravag Fort - Munitions Bunker and Hospital Kravag Fort - Measuring Station

Austratt Fort Hegra Fort Trondheim U-boat Bunker Dora 1 & 2 A trip to Hell!

© Dan McKenzie 2008