Faetten Fjord was the home to the German Battleship "Tirpitz" during 1942 and 1943, she tied up the resources of the British Navy, RAF and USAF trying to destroy her, the operations were called:

Operation Source

Operation Tungsten

Operations Planet, Brawn, Tiger Claw and Mascot,

Operations Goodwood I, II, III and IV,

Operations Paravane, Obviate and Catechism.

This is not a history of Tirpitz for that I suggest you look here

The Memorial to the British Bomber Crews Killed in the raids to sink the Tirpitz.

A poppy left in memorial.

The memorial and the Norweigan flag.

Small bunker at the entrance to the Fjord.

I have found a video of the Tirpitz being sunk by the RAF.

Dan McKenzie 2008