Last year I was lucky enough to be able to visit Kravag Coastal Artillery Fort in the North of Norway near to Trondheim.

The location is on the Krakvag island, just in the inlet to the huge Trondheim fjord. This area has been a key area for Norway since WWII. During WWII the Germans knew this and positioned Tirpitz deep inside the fjords and mounted several coastal artillery batteries along the coasts. The heaviest being the tripple 28 cm turret at Austritt. Located nearby

Kravag was built to defend the inlet to the fjord with its three 12 cm m/70 guns, made by Bofors in Sweden. The three guns are controlled by a master and a secondary "measuring station" . Each of these has multiple radars and range finders, as well as optical TV/laser equipment. If this all failed or was hit they could fire independently with help from a periscope and a laser channel inside the turret.

To get to the fort, you get a ferry from the mainland, to an Island next to Kravag and then drive round the island and across a bridge.

Waiting for the ferry on the mainland

The Ferry Approaching

The main magazine

Bofors fuzing equipment

Fire supression system

Control Panel

Electrical plant room

Instruction manual for the fort

Manual on desk

Electrical Cabinets

Water Filtration

Air Filtration

Generator room

Generator room emergency exit





Comms equipment

Comms equipment

NCO's Dormitary

Officers Domitary

Other Ranks Dormitary

Mess Area


Plant area

Water and Fuel Tanks

Looking up side of outer bunker

Bunker rubber mounting

Entrance Corridor

Blast doors


Gun turret



Dan McKenzie -2008