The Gros ouvrage du Galgenberg (A15) is situated 10km to the North East of Thionville, close to the village of Sentzich, In the Cattenom Forest. It has two entry blocks and six other blocks, two for artillery and four infantry blocks with observation cupolas.

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An association has been formed taking over responsibility of the old Association A15, called The Site Fortifié de Cattenom. the new association will look after Galgenberg and  the Abri du Bois de Cattenom, Galgenberg is now open to visitors every day of the week all year long The tour starts at 14.30 hrs. Its also the same with the Abri, but visits are by appointment, every morning from 9.00am to 11.00am


Tours are available in English email for information and bookings



The aim of the project is to create a open air museum of fortifications in the forest of Cattenom called Site Fortifié du Bois de Cattenom At the moment, people can visit Galgenberg and Abri, and there will be soon a Path that will allow people to see Maginot Line as it was really was, Small  blocks, The artillery observatory, The outside of blocks and trenches, etc.. It is also possible to have a guided tour on the outside of the fort in the forest.


The Association also has a website click here


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The entrance to the fort through the first blast door The view towards block 5 The junction of the tunnels forward to block 1 & 2 right to Block 3 The door to the commandants quarters The commandants quarters with a painted border.
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A plan of the fort positioned in the munitions entrance The main M1 magazine unloading platform, magazines are on the right A view inside one of the M1 magazines showing the stillages for the rounds The way through to the men's entrance the room on the left was used as a jail The officers mess with bar in the corner
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The command post Another view of the command post another view of the command post with the fort telegraph Another view of the command post The main kitchen
filters.JPG (111191 bytes) generator.jpg (138436 bytes) galggen2.jpg (147182 bytes) generator3.jpg (142035 bytes) usine.JPG (101567 bytes)
A Bank of charcoal filters  The forts SGCM 3 cylinder generators The forts SGCM 3 cylinder generators The forts SGCM 3 cylinder generators The entrance to the Usine
electrical.JPG (121394 bytes) mg control.JPG (132651 bytes) mg turret1.JPG (113594 bytes) mg turret2.JPG (116754 bytes) mg magazine.JPG (106111 bytes)
Machine gun Turret wiring Frence style !   Machine gun turret control panel Machine gun turret magazine lift Machine gun turret Machine gun turret magazine storage
m2 magazine.JPG (170141 bytes) main door.JPG (101192 bytes) radio.JPG (82917 bytes) tele ex.JPG (99031 bytes) transmitter.JPG (117887 bytes)
Magazine M2 at the bottom of a block The main blast door - still fully operational The radio operators position in the munitions entrance The telephone exchange The Artillery telegraph system - similar to that on board ship
sign.JPG (67927 bytes) freeze1.JPG (84211 bytes) freeze2.JPG (72702 bytes) freeze3.JPG (78084 bytes) sign2.JPG (70337 bytes)
A sign indicating the way to blocks 1,2,3 & 4 Unique painted border in the command post Unique painted border in the command post Unique painted border in the command post A sign indicating the way to the command post and blocks 5
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A plan of Galgenberg from the book "Il était une fois La Ligne Maginot" By Jean Bernard Wahl The crenel for both the anti tank gun and twin machine guns in the EM With the machine guns removed ready to accept the anti tank gun on the overhead rail. Back to normal with the machine guns in position. Location Plan of Gros Ouvrage Galgenberg

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