Abri Du Bois De Cattenom

Just down the forest road from the main entrance to the Gros Ouvrage of Galgenberg is this small Abri, It is in very good condition and is maintained to a high standard. The generators are fully operational and were working to provide the light's when we visited.

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The front of the Abri

The main entrance with 

metal removable drawbridge

The Bank of filters dated 1940

The men's bunks 

 and tables

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abri-kitchen.jpg (108138 bytes)

abri-cupola-bottom.jpg (105457 bytes)

The generators the one in 

the foreground is running

Another view of the immaculate 


The kitchen with its multi fuel 

stove it usually burns wood

The bottom of the

 left hand cupola


The Petit Ouvrage De Sentzich


The P.O. of Sentzich is located by the side of the D1 Road in the village of Sentzich and is owned by the village. it is a single block, it protected the entrance to Galgenberg. It was not possible to gain access, although it is said to be in excellent condition inside. 


sentzich.jpg (129209 bytes) sentzich2.jpg (162461 bytes) sentzich-searclight.jpg (146728 bytes) gravel-pit.jpg (113149 bytes)

The front of the Ouvrage is 

now in someone's garden

The other side showing one of 

the machine gun cloches

The armored


A view from the roof showing 

gravel pits in the background

used to make the concrete for

the local Ouvrage's.

Observatoire De Cattenom

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The Observatoire is looked

by the New association 

"Site Fortifiť de Cattenom" based

at Galgenberg. It has been

 stripped internally but plans

 have been made to restore it