10km to the East North East from the center of Thionville, entrances 1.5km from of village of Koenigsmacker and 1km to the North of the officers camp of Elzange.
A Gros Ouvrage with two entrances and 10 blocks (6 artillery blocks, 2 infantry blocks and 2 observatories).

Métrich is the 3rd largest Gros Ouvrage in the Maginot Line and, one of the the reasons for this, is its mission to protect the Moselle valley, it possessed some very powerful artillery, seven 75mm cannons, two 135mm lance-bombes, four 81mm mortars. During the war, the Germans transformed the fortress into an underground factory. The fortress was repaired after the war, but was quickly abandoned by the army because of the serious ground movement, this was caused by gypsum deposits, this has caused the floor and tunnel lining to become damaged this was also thought to a serious problem at the time of the construction.

Because of this the army allowed the  Maginot line associations to remove equipment from the fort, a number of wagons and electric loco's, 75mm gun barrels, 81mm mortars, electrical and mechanical equipment, munitions stillages, order transmitters , personal equipment, etc. This has left the fort in order to help in the restoration of the other works destined to become museums in the Alsace and Lorraine area's. 

During 1986-87 the main magazine was used to grow mushrooms this did not last long and the fort was abandoned again, it remained open some years but fell pray to vandals. The army then decide to weld the doors shut, this still did not keep people out so the Army decided to bury the two entrances and blocks 1, 3, 8 and 15, The fort did not stay sealed for long !

Update Jan 2006 - The fort has been re-covered over with earth and is now completely sealed


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entry munitions.JPG (274079 bytes) entry hommes.JPG (284799 bytes) armoured door.gif (351213 bytes) magazine m1.JPG (244892 bytes) gare c.JPG (232733 bytes)
The Munitions Entrance an attempt has been made to cover it up The men's entrance a better job has been made of covering this up The armored door showing the closing cable still connected, smoke damage is apparent The entrance to the M1 Magazine some conversion has been done for its use as a mushroom farm The main corridor near to the station marked "C" notice the floor movement
wine cellar.jpg (125730 bytes) kitchen.jpg (193684 bytes) power station.JPG (159729 bytes) drain.gif (416538 bytes) generator1.JPG (392387 bytes)
The Wine Cellar The Kitchen The AC/DC Converters all the forts motors and trains were DC type motors The main Sewer. The Generators Type "SGCM 230ch" 6 Cylinder
generator2.JPG (463410 bytes) generator3.JPG (431192 bytes) cooridor to em.gif (394711 bytes) cooridor to blks.JPG (297725 bytes) corridor to blk.JPG (241542 bytes)
The Generators Type "SGCM 230ch" 6 Cylinder The Generators Type "SGCM 230ch" 6 Cylinder This corridor leads to the E.H.  The corridor back from block 3 The corridor to block 3
munitions lifts.JPG (304958 bytes) munitions shute.jpg (84177 bytes) block1-ground.gif (291254 bytes) block1.JPG (426667 bytes) block1-2.JPG (453724 bytes)
The munitions lifts up to block 1 A munitions chute in the stairwell to block 1 The end of the line the M2 magazine at block 1 Block 1 Block 1
block1-3.JPG (419466 bytes) under blk1.JPG (246958 bytes) under blk1-2.JPG (245571 bytes) block 1.JPG (238458 bytes) block 4.JPG (268861 bytes)
Block 1 Under block 1- filters and munitions chute for empty cartridges Under block 1- filters and munitions chute for empty cartridges Block 1 Exterior Block 5 with 81mm mortar 
plan.jpg (69709 bytes) block a.JPG (241755 bytes) block c.JPG (322877 bytes) block d.JPG (309396 bytes) wpe4.gif (32070 bytes)
A plan of Métrich from the book "Il était une fois La Ligne Maginot" By Jean Bernard Wahl Block 4 with tourelle de mitrailleuse Block 10 with 75mm Gun turret Block 11 Location Map