Gros ouvrage de Roquebrune - 4 blocs - Located NE of Roquebrune-Cap Martin. Access from Beausoleil. Take the D51 to Roquebrune. 1.5 km after the entrance to the highway turn left on the D50.

ROQUEBRUNE, another Gros ouvrage close to the D50 road. First we had a look at some abandoned and derelict barrack blocks a short distance from the fort. Roquebrune consists of 4 blocks we looked at Blocks 2 and 3 from the surface but there was no means of access. We found the entrance (Block 1) on the edge of a building site. There were several cars outside and we could see the internal lights were on but nobody was at home. We enquired on the building site and were told that the fort was used as a store by the local garidinare (parks department) and there would be someone there between 12 and 1, unfortunately we didn't have time to wait.