The NVA Computer centre is located at Garzau, which is c. 6 km SE of Strausberg.  A very important NVA computer development bunker which is now in private ownership, and now operating as a museum with most of its equipment still in place and working. The museum has its own web site here.  Associated surface buildings still stand, with a tunnel link from the basement to the bunker.

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Software was developed in the surface buildings.  Electronic equipment was protected in a controlled environment in the two-floor bunker.  It operated fully-manned day and night and was built to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear bomb. A displacement of 0.4 m laterally and / or vertically allowed was for. The bunker is cut-and-cover, with layers of earth and concrete slabs forming an umbrella above the structure, and a further layer between floors, to absorb blast.  The bunker is in a hill to the rear of the surface buildings.  Most internal floors are mounted on shock-absorbing springs.

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Access tunnel from building basement ( 200m) leads into the lower floor of the 45m x 50 m bunker.  Each floor has a ring corridor, with central rooms with shock-absorbing sprung floors.  Entire structure built inside a Faraday cage.  This is an exceptionally strongly protected structure.  The plant is all in working order.  A positive over-pressure is maintained.  There is an independent 80m well / water supply.  The bunker was built between 1972 and 1975 and was operational from1976 onwards.

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The Emergency exit is from the upper floor, adjoining a vertical shaft for heavy plant (The hoisting mechanism remains in place.) This bunker could operate in self-contained mode for 24 hours, before a decision had to be taken whether or not to continue in totally sealed mode (for 14 days.)  As a result of the very high power consumption by the computer equipment, no internal heating was required.  Diesel generators used external air, so were sealed off from the bunker interior and remotely operated.  Of the four diesel generators, three were needed in action at any one time.
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The Original DDR computers were removed, but have been reinstalled.  An early 1960s
analogue computer was demonstrated, working!