Gros ouvrage de Flaut - 5 blocs - Located North of La Bollène-Vésubie - Access from the D2565. Take the road to the Col de Turini. Take the first bridge on the left. After it turn right. Follow the road and turn right just before a water reservoir. In the bend after the second hairpin bend go right. In the next hairpin bend go left. Currently abandoned and securely locked.

Commandant: Lt Duvernay Regiments: 61th DBAF & 167th RAP Generators: 3 SMIM 150 cv  Troops: 7 Officers & 296 Men.

The Gros ouvrage of FLAUT located at the end of a long dead end road from the D2565. There are five blocks in total at Flaut, the entrance and four fighting blocks. When fully manned the fort was home to 296 men. Some of the tunnels in the fort are quite long and unusually steeply graded which must have made it difficult for the men pushing the loaded ammunition wagons.

Once inside the entrance airlock the first room on the right is the filter room with the usual banks of carbon filters on opposite walls. Opposite this is the generator room with three marine diesel generators, electrical switch gear, compressed air tanks and a compressor all still in place and in good condition. On the opposite side of the corridor is the kitchen which still retains its large range with an extractor hood above it. There is a compressor mounted at the back of the room but it is unclear why this was here, it's the only time we have seen one in the kitchen.

Beyond the kitchen there is a junction with a long tunnel running off sharply to the left. At the end of the tunnel are Blocks 4 & 5 but as time as pressing we left these to the other explorers and carried on straight head towards the caserne and Block 3. The dormitories and the infirmary are empty but the command posts are in good condition retaining their situation boards and telephone booths. The telephone exchange is also well preserved. We only had time to visit Block 3 which is the largest block with twin 75 mm mortars still intact on the upper level of the two level block. Alongside them are two ammunition lifts from the floor below.