The East German MOD Bunker at Strausberg is c. 17 km east of Berlin.  Two inter-linked bunkers with tunnel connection also to basements of multi-story buildings inside a still-active military area with a small active airfield nearby. One bunker lies below the large car park, the other is hardly subsurface, but under an earthed-over concrete structure.  An NVA communications / command bunker complex  Also in process of being stripped; again we were invited to help ourselves to souvenirs!  We were shown round by Col. Kampe, the former NVA
commander at this site.

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Main bunker c. 30m x 70m, on two floors.  Linked to a remote transmitter station at Kargel  It is built in two weakly linked halves, to provide for possible dislocation as a result of a nuclear weapon burst.

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Noted inside, pneumatic message apparatus, NBC air-filtering, carpet (the bunker went on-line in the 1980s and was a much-visited model for other Warsaw Pact military administrations) There were separate, secure (and
better furnished and decorated) STASI rooms, to which Col. Kampe had no access!  These had direct lines to Moscow.

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There is a Long tunnel (passing machine rooms on the right) to the second, operations and command bunker.  This had a command centre desk with telephones and sliding map panels.