Petit ouvrage du Col des Gardes - 4 blocs - Located 1.2 km S of Ste-Agnès. Access from Ste-Agnès. Take the D22 to Menton. The work is located on the right of the road after a 4.5 km drive. Currently abandoned but in good condition.

COL DES GARDES (111 men) a petit ouverage on the left hand side (going north) of the D22. Block 1 is right by the road but there was no access at this point so we walked to Block 2 the other side of a low hill. This is not a fighting block and consists of little more than a door with one machine gun embrasure covering it. The footbridge over the fosse was missing but we were able to retrieve it from the pit and get across to the open door. A short stairway brought us into a long corridor, at the bottom of the stairs there was a bank of carbon filters that would have been used in the event of a gas attack. At the end of the corridor is a 'T' junction with the main corridor to the fighting blocks, Blocks 3 & 4 to the right and Block 1 to the left. In most Ouvrages the blocks are reached by stairs, often several hundred of them, but at Col des Gardes they were accessed by ladder. Some of our members ascended the ladders but the blocks had been stripped of their light arms and were empty. There are several empty rooms accessed from the main corridor including a number of toilet cubicles, dormitory (caserne) and the generator room (usine). The small single diesel generator is still in place and in good condition.