The Gros Ouvrage of Brehain is located 12km south east of the town of Longwy in the Bois du Luxembourg (Forest of Luxembourg) The entrance blocs are to the south east of the N52 the main fighting blocks are to the north east of the road, the main gallery, 1.5km long, passes under the N52. The Ouvrage has the standard entrances and the access to the main gallery is by lift in the munitions entrance and by staircase in the men's entrance. The fort has 8 blocks - 4 artillery, 3 infantry and a observation block. Commanded by Cdt Vannier, with a compliment of 637 men and 26 officers.


The fort has been securely closed for many years, and as such is in very good condition. some of the last visitors being the Association from the fort of Schoenenbourg, who were given permission from the army to remove equipment from the Ouvrage. An very interesting account of the removal of the equipment is available on their site on the Association pages.


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A Layout plan of the Fort from the book "Il était une fois La Ligne Maginot" By Jean Bernard Wahl

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The Munitions Entrance 

The Men's Entrance

Inside the outer door looking into the fort

The Unloading gallery, with trucks still in place

The inner door to the Lifts.

The Unloading gallery looking towards the entrance

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The Lifts in remarkable condition

The bottom of the lifts in the pit

The Lift Motors in excellent condition

The Main lower gallery

One of the  area's in the  M1 magazine, complete with stillages

The Blast door still held on its overhead cable closer

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Fresco - this may have been the chapel

Fresco - Not one to be shown to mother 

Fresco- In the Radio Room

The Usine

The Main Generators which would need little work to start.

The Main Generators which would need little work to start.

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The Engine shed for the forts electric Loco

Bottom of block 5 showing the lift

Bottom of one of the turrets - nothing remains of the guns just an empty cupola.

Entrance to the gallery to block 5 with a later door ?