NVA Command Post 8850

Blankenfelde (Command Post 8850) would have been the Command Post responsible for the operation to take West Berlin. It was also the alternative Command Post for the head of the NVA land forces, General Stechbarth.

The barracks were formerly the home of 26th Signal Battalion of the NVA. After the battalion was transferred from the Border Troops to Land Forces in 1972, it was renumbered as 40th Signal Battalion and assumed responsibility for communications at the Command HQ Land Forces.

Since Command HQ Land Forces would have been disbanded in the event of a conflict - the NVA land forces would have been incorporated into the Soviet forces in East Germany, it never had a large HQ staff and thus no need for a bunker. General Stechbarth had his own Command Post in Potsdam-Wildpark, with his alternative Command Post being in Blankenfelde.

In a major conflict Stechbarth would have taken over responsibility for the Berlin Operation from Baumgarten in the event of the latter's demise.

The Blankenfelde location was used since it provided good communications links via KNZ-40 (Command Comcen 40), which was located in the communications bunker within the barracks. Some ten SOK (specially designated communications cables) provided permanent links to all major units and facilities which would have been involved in the Berlin Operation.

Construction of the bunker in Blankenfelde was never completed and was no longer used after 1989. It was the last bunker to be built in the era of the GDR - as the concrete dried, the GDR fell apart. The bunker has two floors, a staff area, kitchen, comcen, sanitary and stores areas, but no major protection system against blast. It is now totally stripped, There was a fire inside it in 1994 with the resultant smell and sooting of the interior. It was open for many months, but at present is allegedly closed up again.


Airlock Entrance

Battery Room

Water Borehole

Office with bunk

Main Entrance

Comms Room




Dispatcher Room

Entrance Corridor

ESA Electric Fence

Generator - the seat of the fire




Situation Room A133

Situation Room A133

Spiral Stairs Between Levels

Telephone Relay Set

Telephone System


Ladder Down to Transformer Room

Vent Plant Room

Water Plant Room

Water Plant Room

Water Plant Room

Plan - Lower Level

Plan - Upper Level



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