The Bundeswehr Medical Store

This site built by the former East German army, the
NVA, in a mountain in the Harz area and used for ammo storage, 

and now in use by the Bundeswehr, has 7 km of tunnels and is 

now used as a store for NATO medical supplies. The NVA also tried to 

store missiles in it but they got them stuck in the tunnels

 and had a hell of a job getting them out again! There is also a 

command centre inside - a bunker in a bunker! It was visited with

 the permission of the Bundeswehr  during Mike Barton's 

German Bunker tour.


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The Barrack Blocks

The Bunker is under the mountain

Rail unloading platform

Rail unloading platform

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Mike Barton's 5 minutes of fame with German TV

The site fire station

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Protected entrance to the bunker

Protected entrance to the bunker

Inside looking back to the entrance

The main internal loading platform

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Internal blast door to store

Internal blast door to store

Model of the bunker

Internal blast door's to store

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Tunnel to other high risk store area's

Bundeswehr state of the art medical vehicle

Storage Area 

Storage Area 

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Original NVA location markers

Medical equipment repair room and Vehicle

Storage area and tunnel view

Internal blast door

The Bunker Within the Bunker

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Entrance airlocks

Command centre

site plan

Sleeping quarters

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General view down the corridor Control room - still fully operational Generator room Another entrance
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Blast door closing