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In January of 2004 I travelled to Germany to buy an East German Radio Truck, Known as a R142.



GAZ66 ГАЗ 66

The GAZ 66, produced at the Gorki Automobile Plant (Gorki avtomobil'nyj Zavod) and introduced at the end of the 60s was the standard truck of the Warsaw Pact states. (also used by the National People's Army (NVA) of the former DDR). Owing to its outstanding cross-country mobility, this 4x4 vehicle with a tyre pressurisation system was used for transporting persons and supplies especially in rough terrain. Providing the drive was a 4250 cc 8-cylinder ZMZ 66 carburettor engine which, developing 85kW (115 hp) at 3200 rpm, made possible top speeds of up to 90 km/h. The maximum permissible cruising speed was around 75 km/h. The standard fuel consumption given as 36 l/100 km was seldom achieved. The two fuel tanks, each with a capacity of 105 l, allowed (in theory at least) a maximum distance range of 800 km. With an empty weight of 3640 kg, a payload of 2130 kg could be transported. The maximum total weight permitted was 5770 kg. The GAZ 66 was also available with different bodies which were mainly used as radio vehicles and vehicles for electronic combat. The crew consisted of a driver and co-driver. The GAZ 66 had a ground clearance of 310 mm, could cope with a 55 percent gradient, and had a climbing capability of 400 mm, a traversing capability of 600 mm and a fording capability of 900 mm. The specific ground pressure was 1.5 kp/cm2 and the turning circle around 19.5 m. The GAZ66 was available to the NVA from 1970. It was predominantly used with the radio station which can be seen here, as a measurement vehicle or with special message equipment.


March 2004

Here are a few more photos of the Gaz taken in March 2004 - Its now UK road registered. Due to its age its exempt from road tax, and is registered as an Historic Vehicle as a Motor Tractor and is exempt from an MOT test.


R142 Radio Body

The R-142 is a complete radio station which is mounted on a GAZ-66 4 x 4 2 ton truck carrier. The radios which are mounted against one wall consist of from right to left, R-123 , R-130 2-12 MHz SSB synthesised, 40W output, R-111 20-52 MHz FM, 75W output. The control console is in the centre. The complete set in the truck is called the R-142. There are also supposed to be two R-809 aircraft radios (100-149.975MHz) in it there somewhere.

These photos are of a truck owned by Christian Munda from Austria, His truck still has all its radio equipment mine sadly has most of this equipment missing.

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