The Gros Ouvrage of Latiremont is located 10km to the East of Longuyon, 6km South of Longwy and 1km North of Doncourt Cites The Ouvrage has the standard entrances, Both entrances can be viewed at the same time due to the layout of the fort. The access to the main gallery is by lift in the munitions entrance and by staircase in the men's entrance. The fort has 6 blocks - 3 artillery and 3 infantry. Commanded by Cdt Pophillat, with a compliment of 580 men and 21 officers.

 The fort is securely locked, but by prior arrangement it was opened for us. The fort has had a large amount of equipment removed and reused by the local associations. The forts workshop is in excellent condition, still containing a lathe, pillar drill and many other items. The fort has suffered over the years with a large amount of water ingress, the floors now have a large build-up of mineral deposits on them, in many places.

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A Layout plan of the Fort from the book "Il était une fois La Ligne Maginot" By Jean Bernard Wahl.

The Munitions entrance (top) and the Mens entrance.

Inside the munitions entrance, showing the removable drawbridge.

The Station just inside the munitions entrance.

The Lift down to the main Gallery - A turntable for the trucks in the foreground.

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The Blast door in the main gallery.

The lifts in the main gallery.

The Station adjacent to the main magazine.

The gallery to the main magazine, an original sign on the wall.

The Main magazine unloading platform, the magazine to the right.

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A view of the Drawbridge as above.

The Hospital in the Caserne

The men's washroom 

The main workshop with lathe and other tools

The power station

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The rest room in the power station with the forts logo

The power station

The power station showing one of the four SGCM generators

The main cable entry to the fort 

The M2 magazine at the bottom of block 5

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Another one of the forts still well equipped workshops 

One of the galleries showing the buildup of mineral deposits on the floor

At the top of block 5 this is where the forts 75mm guns used to be

An internal fort water truck still in place in the fort

The Kitchen, now totally stripped.