Petit ouvrage du Col des Banquettes - 3 blocs - Located 200 m. N of the Col des Banquettes. Access from Ste-Agnès. Take the road to the Col des Banquettes. Currently abandoned. Open.

Photos - Dan McKenzie, Nick Catford, Robin Ware

COL DES BANQUETTES (74 men). This is a very small fort with three blocks with Block 2 consisting of nothing more than an entrance door into the hillside with no covering fire. All three blocks are on the same level and are linked by a corridor with a few short side galleries and rooms. Both Blocks 1 and 2 are open (entry into Block 1 involved jumping across the fosse) and the fort has been almost completely stripped and used for parties. There is a makeshift bar and bottles and other rubbish strewn all over the floor. One room just inside Block 1 still retains its filtration plant with one carbon filter cylinder.